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about us

Together at River Haven we work hard at maintaining a strong sense of community and providing our guests with a clean and safe environment . Some of our guests have been with us for years and we hope to have them for many more. From the occasional communal pancake breakfast and potluck BBQ's, to the Christmas eve party and gift exchange, you'll feel right at home when staying with us. 

"I love it here, great group and clean community lots of friendly people and fun. Everyone has to be respectful and responsible."


"River Haven is a great place and everyone here is super friendly. I'm so happy we made the decision to move here and with us being new to rving, it's nice to have people around that are knowledgeable and willing to help us out. I would highly recommend people stay here, you will absolutely not be disappointed."

"Laid back relaxed community atmosphere. Beautiful area. New management works hard to keep clean facilities. This place has an internet lounge and laundry room. Plenty of amenities. Nice place to stay. Highly recommended."

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